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Balance Kizmix in a 2 oz. convenient pouch and a 6 oz. resealable bag. A centering blend of luscious mineral & fiber filled figs, soaked & dehydrated earthy almonds, alkalizing millet along with mood stabilizing omega-3 rich flax seed, sweet dried apple, tangy cranberries & a hint of vanilla. Eat with equilibrium, & keep centered.

OUT OF STOCK. We apologize and we will have back in stock at a later time.

- No 'puffed grains' & no synthetic ingredients
- Features EVOLve almonds & millet (soaked & dehydrated for optimal digestion & nutritional absorption.)
- Store in a cool, dry place.
- Our trail-mix is gluten-free but may have been processed in a facility that at times processes gluten products.
- Our trail-mix contains nuts & seeds and is processed in a facility that processes a variety of nuts and seeds.